1. brick

    Haha that’s awesome. Suck on it Liam!

  2. Man, being Sandra Bullock’s adopted kid does have its perks…

  3. JungleRed

    Are you sure that’s not just armpit hair?

  4. I love chicks with a sense of humor. Frankly, they need one to put up with me.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    Kanye is going to say this picture is racist in 10 minutes.

    R Kelly is going to say something about pussy, cookies, and urine. (That has nothing to do with this pic… he’s just always talking about those 3 things.)

  6. Is she nursing Franklin from Arrested Development?

  7. AndySlash

    proof that franklin delano bluth got children all over town.

  8. (david) guest

    you wait ages for one arrested development joke and…

  9. She looks like she’s got Buckwheat in a headlock

  10. Emmy, I have a message for you from Angelina. She asked me to tell you you’re not allowed to babysit anymore.

  11. Emmy, you’re a goddess.

  12. Beautiful woman.

  13. Ha ha, pretty good. She is so hot too.

  14. Jenn

    Mean girling Giselle and looking pretty good while doing it too.
    Go on, Em!

  15. i want to marry her now.

  16. The hobbits would have been so much happier if that had been Gandalf the White.

  17. SM

    I think she is 10X hotter than Gisele, who looks like a german man. Honestly, if you shaved Gisele’s head and took a photo from the shoulders up I would think she was a feminine looking boy. I love Emmy and I love Shameless!

  18. “…And after you’re done with my hair and nails, somebody attach this merkin to me, and let’s get this photoshoot started!”

  19. smart guy

    i hope you idiots know this was just to make fun of gisele


  20. I see Lester, but where’s Willie Tyler?

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