1. Good thing it’s cold. Those 2 would melt in anything under 70 degrees…

  2. Satan's Right Hand

    Black don’t crack! But it sure as shit melts!!

  3. cc

    Would I be infringing on a patent or something if I made a Hallowe’en mask just like Joe’s face?

  4. You just know that Joe can still kick some ass. Jermaine, not so much.

  5. howie feltersnatch

    Isnt that Gus from Breaking Bad???

  6. Jermaine: “I wish Michael were here”
    Joe: “Who?”
    Jermaine: “Piggybank, I wish Piggybank were here”
    Joe: “yeah, I miss that kid”

  7. Ginger Failed

    The California raisins?!?

  8. Looks like the annual Beaters and Cheaters gala is not quite a black-tie affair yet.

  9. Joe Jackson is steppin’ out.

  10. Ah, he has just spotted someone else he can exploit. Excellent!!!

  11. Is it me or is there something about Joe’s chin that reminds you of Michael’s nose? I guess the silicone apple doesn’t fall far from the plastic surgery tree.

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