1. Wait, wait… I thought it was Rob Ford that smoked crack?

  2. JimBB

    Oooh, they’ve got a black one too.

  3. cc

    *gasp*…a white child in London?

  4. Mohawk Disco

    That woman looks like someone just told a dirty sex joke she secretly liked but pretends to be shocked.

  5. Remember when politicians knew the issues and owned a hair brush.

  6. That Donald Trump hairstyle has crossed the pond?

  7. “did she just say she wants to go for a SWIM?”

  8. Oh yeah, oooooh yeah…a little misdirection using my right hand and finish the job with my left…

  9. Dox

    Kind of looks like Nick Nolte had a kid with Donald Trump, but not before Rob Ford got a crazy sperm in there to just shake things up a bit.

  10. “Off with his head!”

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