1. cc

    It’s great that someone who can neither sing nor dance can become as famous as she is.

  2. Gargle, swish, and spit.

  3. Not pictured: silver medal, Obama, leering middle aged fan base.

  4. Mohawk Disco

    Maybe I should not have told the world I don’t want kids. Guys HATE dumb chicks with big tits who don’t want kids. I just know it. Russell did…

  5. Josephus

    I guess John Mayer’s puss isn’t all that’s sour.

  6. catapostrophe

    Look at the hairline on THAT!

  7. John had made the reservations months in advance. It was getting near Christmas. It was a romantic spot, just the two of them. Dessert was lovely. The evening was splendid, and John suavely grabbed the check and paid. Walking out of the restaurant, Perry was asked by a passing paparazzo:

    “Hey, Katy, how was dinner?”

  8. Ha! It’s adorable the things she does with her face that no one pays attention to…

  9. “Are you gonna swallow that thing or what?”

  10. That face when you realize you can still taste Russel Brand in the back of your throat.

  11. Sorry Katy…have to be a cute, young, athletic, and bright person who can rely on parts of their body other than boobs to pull that move off.

  12. Hrm…to shit or be shit upon…that is the question…

  13. The McKayla Momentâ„¢ when Katy Perry realises she’s Katy Perry.

  14. tlmck

    John Mayer leaves quite the load does”t he.

  15. Dox

    In that moment, she realized the most mature name for a song she had come up with so far… was Roar.

  16. “You sir, are not Jon Hamm!”

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