1. Do_Freebird

    Just goes to show, so much nose jobs, face lifts, fillers, and botox that she is unrecognizable.

    • C

      LOL She doesn’t have any work done, she just have too much make up on which she never does, check previous pictures from a month ago or so. xD

  2. stevebeagle

    Zombo the clown

  3. jaded

    It’s like Diana Krall and January Jones had a baby and then exposed it to radiation

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Madam, I’m placing you under arrest for Offences Against the Clown.

  5. Looks like the aliens finally got to Scully.

    Does that make any sense? I never watched the show.

  6. Senor Trout

    ‘So, yeah, funny story about these…I was sitting at home doing nothing when out of the blue David Duchovny calls and says that he’s at a salon getting his asshole bleached and that they remembered our old show, so they said they would bleach my eyes for 50% off, but only THAT DAY. And I thought, yeah, that’s a great idea. So there you go.’

  7. Contusion

    Look! Grandma got her face did.

  8. squishy


  9. Wow. Looks like they finally perfected skull stretching.

  10. Mr Obvious

    The Truth is Out There… just like her mind.

  11. AnnaDraconida

    WTF happened to her?? I didn’t recognize her until I read the caption, and I’m an X-Files fan. Goddamn it, why can’t these women age gracefully…

    • Ferny

      She has aged gracefully, she just got it wrong this time. Check recent pictures and you’ll how good she looks, too good imo.

  12. Because Boobs


  13. The Brown Streak

    Glad to see Margot Kidder and Gillian Anderson at the local crazy women’s club.

  14. Looks like they stopped experimenting on Mulder and started on Scully…

  15. And the Joker got away……

  16. Ruth

    They pulled the strings too tight.

  17. Ferny

    I think she just got it wrong this time, very wrong. But she looks gorgeous almost always and has aged perfectly and gracefully as it can be seen on other recent pictures like the ones on the InStyle party or BFI awards. =)

  18. What.

  19. tlmck

    Another victim of “Black Microphone Man”.

  20. I grok for spock

    The lost X-files! Mulder!

  21. She used to be so hot as a Ginger.

  22. Misana

    She doesn’t look a thing like what I remember… dang.

  23. gigi

    wow, the second this shot popped up in my head was the x-files theme song! eeeek

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