1. Deacon Jones

    I wish in the future at some point they invent a meter that you can hold up to a women that gives you sex stats. Hers would probably look like this.

    Loves facial? Yes
    How Many? 46 times, 18 different men

    Does Anal? Yes
    How many men? 14, 12 of them bareback

    Gives blowjobs? Are you kidding me

    • The Brown Streak

      I have one…it’s called the Kardashometer. They sell them in the Sears hardware department.

  2. If it’s “Fighters Only,” then what are she and Jenna Jameson doing here? Mud wrestling? Well, why aren’t we seeing pictures of THAT?

  3. This woman gives whole new meaning to “rear naked choke.”

  4. whiskeyafternoon

    she has an advancing hair line. weird and off-putting.

  5. Misana

    She’s got bolt-ons and reminds me of Kourtney K…who also has bolt-ons.

  6. Isn’t there some unwritten rule in respectable entertainment journalism that if a celebrity can’t be googled at work then they aren’t worth posting?

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