1. Did he break his hand giving a BJ?

  2. stevebeagle

    sissy boy

  3. jaded

    Why does that woman have tinfoil socks?

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    He could produce a watermelon and a gun and they’d still pretend not to notice he was black

  5. Diddy’s so cool, when he elbows a woman, her dress makes its own little crash graphic.

  6. Lynn

    That must be a fake schlong in his pocket.

  7. “Diddy, I don’t really care if you hurt your arm. I am NOT going to give you a handjob!”

  8. 1inPink1inStink

    He made a shirt out of Pebbles Flinstone’s dress.

  9. Those giant gold rings get heavy.

  10. I wonder how he’s planning on getting his iPhone out of his pocket?

  11. MRF

    Diddy’s always has that “I’m just contemplating some bitches” look.

    • SpaceGhostWriter

      Diddy always has that “I’m just comtemplating getting some bitches to go round up a few young boys” for me look.

  12. MRF

    Diddy always has that “I’m just contemplating some bitches” look.

  13. The Brown Streak

    P-Diddy contemplates the question that men have pondered since the dawn of time: “How I get dis bitch to stop talkin’?”

  14. SlippinX12

    That shirt is so ugly it broke his arm

  15. He’s the curator. “Yea. Uh. Yea. C’mon.”

  16. Rumor has it he blew his elbow out digging thru Biggie’s grave.

  17. Did he break his arm from his long reads of his ass book in the bathroom?

  18. Shit break

    And this one time, at band camp

  19. “The doctor said that he COULD replace all of my bones with gold prosthetics, but not all at once. Oh, and not those tiny ones in ya ear. Can’t do those.”

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