1. Scott

    Pee Wee Herman got a chin transplant!!

  2. Why is his zipper up? Did he have a wardrobe malfunction?

  3. “I promised I wouldn’t spit it out, but this jizz is rank!”

  4. jaded

    Pube stuck in the teeth!

  5. Cock Dr

    It’s that guy.

  6. journalschism

    “Now that’s some vintage vagina. A 1989, perhaps?”

  7. They get him to act the same as they did Mr Ed…a little peanut butter on the roof of his mouth.

  8. See, if Rumer Willis was handsome, she’d look like this.

  9. MRF

    Post-hummer face, circa 1963.

  10. The Brown Streak

    “What a great turkey we just had. I just can’t wait for the Christmas me.”

  11. PowerMuff

    “And then she taught me how to swallow, although apparently you can still get pregnant…”

  12. ChickenHawk

    That photo is the definition of a “shit-eating grin.”

  13. Puss InToots

    “Wait a sec…I just need to swallow my disgust for January before our scene starts…”

  14. Abc123

    Obviously coming from January’s trailer: “I know who the father is, la la la la, I know who the father is….”

  15. catapostrophe

    Borderline odd thumb, perhaps?

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