1. catapostrophe

    And how!

  2. wanker

    Nothing promotes retail sales like cheap gin and Virgina Slim Menthol 100′s.

  3. Johnny P!

    H&M finally got their edge!
    Only Spaz de la Hurtya can make a cheap $19.99 top and $24.99 skirt say: “I’ll drink you under the table, fuck you ’til your eyes cross, then kill ya, baby!”

  4. Deacon Jones

    Uh, is she pregnant and hammered, or just suffering from cirrhosis of the liver?

  5. What on earth is her deal?

  6. Sister Ray

    Does she look in a mirror after applying lipstick and if so, why would she want to look like that (unless she’s working for a circus)?

  7. Bigalkie

    Just back from her whirlwind tour of Trainwreckistan.

  8. She was told it stood for “Heroin and Methadone”.

  9. Tron


  10. Galaor

    I see Humpty Dumpty is a transvestite now…

  11. It was probably a good idea that they started making entire outfits out of Spanx.

  12. Jamiee

    What a cheap company. You’d think they’d give her something nice to wear.

  13. Matt Lauer

    The medicinal benefits of vodka are well documented.

  14. Tidbit

    She finally learned to hold her own hair back when puking out her vodka sick.

  15. Bionic_Crouton

    Let’s watch as the North American attention whore reeking of vodka and failure stumbles her way onto the red carpet fighting for acceptance. She breaks into a mating dance but sadly no one wants what she is offering. She is then escorted away by security because she was not invited and is classified as media poison. Weep not for her for she shall return, but for now Lindsay Lohan will be driving her home.

  16. You know, when I heard Corky from The Wonder Years had undergone transgender surgery I thought to myself, “Hmmmm… when they make him look like a woman, will it also get rid of his retard face?” and, as you can see, the answer is, “No”.

  17. hijkmno

    i am SO winning this year’s dead pool.

  18. cclaire

    What is wrong with her?

  19. AnnaD.

    Funniest shit I’ve seen all week.

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