1. rantatonne

    Can’t be bothered to verify it, but i think that’s the name of a show she ho-hosts. No typo.

  2. Deacon Jones

    More of her in the future please, preferably in a bikini

  3. I like the lightning pattern running down the side of the dress. Makes her look fast. Like The Flash. I watch too much Justice League.

  4. mismy

    I like tattoos but um the prison/biker look of those things isn’t really working here…

  5. diego

    Nice gunther! I haven’t seen FUPA like that since my 60-year old secretary walked by my office this morning.

  6. Bigalkie

    She should have skipped that pre-taping burrito.

  7. Carolyn

    Dress is too tight, tattoos look like shit and shoes are just wrong.


    Ciao, I’m Italian… COLORADO is the name of the show, which is registered in Milan studios. I don’t like her , she’s made of plastic and anything is real about her body. There is a million of italian girls much more beautiful and sexier than her, but not everyone is willing to do what the show business requires ….
    anyway, in Italy men like to have flings wiht that type of ordinary women, “designed” by plastic surgery, but then they choose real women to spend life with.

  9. hijkmno

    “Colorado” is what she named her gunt.

  10. cclaire

    Is she pregnant?

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