1. Most badass Bond of all time imo.

  2. Double oh seven inches in his left pocket.

  3. Ruth


  4. tlmck

    Who dug up Bing Crosby?

  5. Jamiee

    He has such beautiful eyes.

  6. hijkmno

    YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!!!!

  7. Apparently I’m in the female minority (redundant), but I’m not a huge fan of him. Good looking, yes, but I don’t feel like he is badass enough for Bond. I always got a gay vibe from him. *Shrugs*

    • hijkmno

      Gay vibe?!?!? The only explanation I can think of, Meg, is that you’re actually a dude and it’s wishful thinking;)

      • He played a bit of a punk in Road to Perdition, so maybe that’s where the association comes from. I actually used to think he was a bit of a weenie myself, until I saw him in a Bond film. I don’t believe back then he was quite as well-built as he eventually got, either.

      • I first saw him a tv movie by Minette Walters. Thought he was pretty cool back then too. I don’t find him attractive at all, but I do find him cool.

  8. journalschism

    All he needs is a mirror and a cellphone in front his face. The lips are perfect.

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