1. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    A quick first glance at the thumbnail suggested Hulk Hogan had gotten back together with his ex-wife. Quite what that – a pair of *celebrities* looking like they do having the capacity for legitimately being mistaken for another *celebrity* couple – says about America, I’m not sure.

  2. Not shown:

    Everyone behind them vomiting from the view and smell.

  3. Johnny P!

    At home, they take their clothes off and fuck.
    Sorry, that was mean of me. Hope I didn’t spoil your dinner…

  4. rantatonne

    Is this shopped or does excessive tanning result in late onset dwarfism?

  5. Someone please post the picture of how South Park depicted her. It was hilarious.

  6. Joe Simpson's Boy Toy

    Jessica Simpson’s doppelganger. Can be said for either of the two pictured.

  7. Hugh Gentry

    it’s Bertney in 10 years!!

  8. Ha ha! I love shots from funhouse mirrors!

  9. Deacon Jones

    “So…yeah, I started using SPF 2, and now that big mole on my back doesn’t tingle or smell so bad…”


  10. “we represent the lollipop guild”

  11. I think a guy that jumped bail in season one is still hiding under her boobs.

  12. meeps!

    This looks like the start of a joke.
    A bull mastiff and an afghan hound cross the street…

  13. ben dover


  14. Radiodork

    Dog the Bounty Hunter is colored “Hot Dog”.

  15. The White Trash Hulk turns red when he’s angry.

  16. It’s good to see that fame hasn’t changed them!

  17. Mr. Poop, 2nd of his name

    Is that Hulk and Linda Hogan?

  18. K-Tron

    You know in Bugs Bunny cartoons, when characters get really hungry and look at another person, and that person turns into a roast ham? I think this picture is the closest I’ll get to that in real life, except I’m not hungry anymore.

  19. I didn’t know West Hollywood had a zoo with two animals currently on the loose.

  20. At least they’re not holding hoofs.

  21. Next on Dog the Bounty Hunter…are Dog and Beth really the biological parents of Honey BooBoo? Probably, but nobody gives a fuck.

  22. Bigalkie

    Two Romney voters

  23. Tron

    Move over Bradgelina! It’s now all about Duaneth!

  24. Tron

    Yeah, drink lots of water, because your body is a temple. lmao!

  25. Galaor

    What the fuck? That dude is purple.

  26. Carolyn

    My eyes hurt.

  27. You know what would make a hilarious April Fool’s joke? You shave a bear, put a David Lee Roth wig on it, then convince your anatomically-incomprehensible, borderline-mentally disabled friend who is otherwise un-marriable, to marry it.

  28. BbyBluThghHghs

    What. The Fuck.

  29. woodhorse

    I used to have the Troll doll on the right. They’re not worth money though. Not like Beanie Babies.

  30. Qmak

    “After the gravel pit in Bedrock shut down, Pebbles and Bam Bam fell on hard times…”

  31. Miranda Veracruz De La Hoya Cardenal

    I don’t… I just don’t… know…

    I don’t know what’s worse: this photo or hearing my neighbor bang a personal trainer who chain smokes and drinks like a frat boy…

  32. jonesy

    How the fuck do these two ass-clowns catch anybody? Seriously. If I couldn’t get away from these weirdos I’d kick myself in the nuts for being completely useless at life.

  33. Bri Owens

    Classy folk, right here.

  34. They have a new show coming out called “The Aristocrats.”

  35. Am I the only one who thinks they named the wrong one “Dog”?

  36. Brett Ratner's sweaty ass hair

    “Slob” The Bounty Hunter.

  37. Working the bounty against Ben and Jerry has proven to be a long and arduous task.

  38. Joe Blow

    Wow.. Christina Aguilera’s really let herself go…

  39. Mateo

    Well at least she has big tits…….right???

  40. pascalecake

    Diabetes and Melanoma both looked at this picture, sighed, and said “Too easy.”

  41. devilsrain

    Give the guy some credit for staying with that behemoth

  42. journalschism

    Typical Obama supporters.

  43. Ann

    Good work out honey.

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