1. Johnny P!

    That would have been so avant-garde and edgy! (40 years ago…)

  2. Two prime examples of women who make stellar choices in male partners.

  3. nick

    Worst. Threesome. Ever.

  4. EricLr

    Hey wadya know! Turns out that iPhone has an app to remove bruises from pictures.

    • bob

      can it remove the bruises from the dead horse you’ve been beating?

      • EricLr

        You’re right, we should all forgive Chris Brown and just forget it ever happened. It’s not like he did anything serious.

      • bob

        I just thought I would make a good dead horse joke. And I did. I don’t really care if these famous people beat each other with pillow cases filled with money.

      • bob

        oh and .. ahh Didn’t Rihanna forgive him? Isn’t she boinking him again? seems like she herself doesnt think its serious so they can both go fuck themselves of a bridge

  5. damn kate moss is still hot

  6. One was addicted to drugs. The other addicted to getting punched in the face. Only one has successfully kicked the habit.

  7. kel

    They knew better than to hire Naomi Campbell for this job

    • yenjvoy

      Funny you should say that – Her Naominess and Kate Moss are in India together as we type, doing over-the-hill-supermodel-playing-in-3rd-world-backwater things with Indian royalty in Jodhpur. :-)

  8. Ruth

    Mouth breathers.

  9. Jman

    You keep looking Ri-ri; there is coke in there somewhere.

  10. It’s like watching two mangy, filthy dogs wrestling on a couch. All you can think about is “now I have to clean the couch”

  11. Joe

    The drug dog in the cop car outside is going ape shit.

  12. Slap a toll-free number on it and there’s your Crisis Line poster.

  13. I can’t tell if Kate Moss is trying to seduce me, or the pop machine…

  14. Mouse

    I’m interested in how their skin is the same colour…. weird.

    • gigi

      welcome to the modern age Mouse — we can do all kinds amazing things with film these days… and bronzer… and caribbean people who are kinda already fair-skinned [really...??]

  15. Not Pictured: straw, mirror, razor, 8-ball.

  16. I kind of like the way this is headed…

  17. YTBOY

    Best damn picture of the year!!!!

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