1. Looks like someone is already grabbing their award.

  2. I thought it was Caroline Boyer, Luke Bryan, Tim McGraw, and a lady from Caesar’s Palace.

  3. Really ?

    Oh behalf of the United Kingdom..who, who, who and who ?

  4. Didn’t Faith Hill used to be attractive?

  5. JimBB


  6. cc

    Faith’s face never recovered from her loss to Carrie Underwood.

  7. coljack

    Well howdy, Jon Hamm…whoa, sorry Luke, thought you were sumbuddy else!

  8. charlesatlas

    Didnt Faith Hill used to be a woman?

  9. Dox

    Didn’t we already have our gay cowboy movie?

  10. Robb7

    Why would someone with Dumbo-sized ears wear her hair like that??!! Jeez, these shit-kickers are dumb!

  11. More teeth at the CMA than I would have expected.

  12. “Where’s that dang microphone? Gosh darn it Luke, will you pass me that dang microphone?”

  13. whatever

    as you can see he was pulling on the white dress before he was pulling on the black pants – makes you wonder what he wants

  14. The hat gets bigger as his head gets balder.

  15. Miss! Ok, now it’s your turn.

  16. Prajj

    Maybe a reporter just told Tim McGraw that it was really John Hamm behind him and he went for the kill.

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