1. Here we see Andre Leon Talley trying on tents.

  2. JimBB

    The Golgothan!!

  3. dontkillthemessenger

    Hello, Mr. Talley? This is Yankee Stadium… it’s raining and you said you’d have the tarp back by 8 A.M.

  4. For $5 Kris will let you try on Khloe’s clothes.

  5. Four more pounds and my dream comes true..working at home.

  6. So vinyl togas are in this year?

  7. It looks like a Kinder Surprise that got left out in the sun that had a Andre Leon Talley toy in it.

  8. Dox

    “Can I have the hot tub cover back now, please?”

  9. With some windex he’ll get the jelly stains out.

  10. Was this before or after Princess Leia escaped in that sexxxy metal bikini?

  11. yourmom

    This has got to be the follow up to Kanye’s leather jogging pants, right?

  12. fred

    Chocolate moose.

  13. He’s wearing an entire roll of Ikea veneer?

  14. Vlad

    Something, something, Jello Pudding…something, something, Bill Cosby.

  15. It’s really upsetting to me that this guy gets to dress like a fucking clown every day and makes a shitload of money. My calling is coming.

  16. That is the biggest piece of pleather I have ever seen.

  17. DisneyRapeBrigade

    If it wasn’t for the dress shirt he’d blend in perfectly.

  18. Worst.

  19. “What?…It looked good on my SUV.”

  20. This guy is such a fucking idiot, I can’t believe he is taken seriously as a fashionista.

  21. Looks like someone raided Walter Hudson’s closet.

  22. PassingTrue

    You could dutch oven a family of four in there.

  23. cc

    Somewhere a picnic table is getting damp

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