1. It helps that her implants are helium-filled.

  2. it had to be said

    Good for Ice T. And anyone trying to drive a Mini into her cootch.

  3. Really ?

    Is there such a thing as entire human camel toe ? And if so, what is the term for it ?

  4. anonymous

    Damn that’s impressive especially with half her body weight in fake parts.

  5. I love a fit woman. Stay sexy Coco.

  6. That is impressive, but can you hold your arms out in front of you and clap your hands?

  7. Photoboy Photoshopped out the sex toy.

  8. Motorboating comes to mind.

  9. I just hope she doesn’t tip over. That’s all we need is another tsunami.

  10. Someone obviously Photoshopped out the carjacks.

  11. I can smell that thang from here, whew!!

  12. Dox

    When expelled gas from an overripe vaginal tract, mixes with the tiny amounts of desperation and hopelessness found in silicon implants, a small pocket of anti-gravity/anti-reality is formed. Thus allowing a top heavy, beefy woman to balance her entire weight on paper thin wrists that have seen far too many handcuffs.

  13. PassingTrue

    The charades game was tied and the next word was “weathervane.” Frankly the other team never saw what hit them.

  14. Yeah, I take you seriously. Really. Honest.

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