1. Dinklage got a haircut?

  2. Looks like a marionette without strings.

  3. Flatliner

    This photo is just freaky…can’t decide if its the angle from which the pic was taken or the pose…and does Snow White know he’s out of character?.

  4. renotastic

    Isn’t he has-been enough to write a children’s book?

  5. Really ?

    “There is another (dinklage).”

  6. john

    I see dead careers

  7. I wish I was seeing dead people in this picture.

  8. dennis

    He stands for a photo like a toddler.

  9. JimBB

    And then one sad day, the little boy’s body stopped growing…but his head didn’t.

  10. This is just hilarious.

  11. What could I say that life hasn’t already said?

  12. I see buffet tables!

  13. Growing up just didn’t work for him.

  14. Somebody sat on an airhose

  15. He should team up with Jonah Hill in a movie called “Disproportionate.”

  16. Master Billy Quizboy, co-founder of Conjectural Technologies.

  17. cc

    I guess head/body donor matching isn’t important.

  18. Run Forrest, Run. It burns calories.

  19. alex

    Jack Black and Kelly Osborn’s love child.

  20. Dox

    I guess he see’s donuts now…

  21. RocketInMyPocket


  22. His sister’s pretty hot though.

  23. the bizarre ape-like dangling arms make it like something out of a horror movie.

  24. I see previously cute people.

  25. It’s like an orange on a toothpick!

  26. Jenn

    I’ve got a great big head and tiny little arms. -Haley Joel T-Rex explaining why he doesn’t do corners.

  27. Incredibly awkward and uncomfortable photo shoot picture take #27!

  28. whatever

    i’m scared!
    looks like a really bad age-enhancement image for a missing child

  29. Don Draper's Dad

    Someone’s been hitting the nerve tonic pretty hard.

  30. Somebody is all dressed up in his Goodwill suit to sell you a used car.

  31. It’s nice to see someone finally pull off a Mr. Mackey costume for Halloween, m’kay.

  32. caley

    It’s funny, if you take him from 6th Sense, stretch the figure slightly and paste a suit over top of it, it would look exactly like this pic.

  33. Oh come on, this photo had to be altered, this can’t be real.

  34. TetterkeT

    Heed! Paper! Naow!

  35. Hayley Joel Osment – The world’s only full grown midget.

  36. Prajj

    how has this kid done 0 Tolkien movies? He’s a natural hobbit

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