1. Benecio del Toro is looking rough these days.

  2. Hey, America, Is this blackface yet?

  3. Flatliner

    I guess sunlight wasn’t fatal for this vampire

  4. She looks like she just got done snorting cocaine off a dirty floor.

  5. Inner Retard

    Tom Berenger talked about his dream of becoming a dark haired latina for years. But no one believed him.

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    Nothing says Distinguished Woman like someone who excretes Stoli.

  7. Whose idea was it to invite Paz to an event dedicated to distinguished women?

  8. Anyone who wants to see this woman naked is fucked up in the head.

  9. catapostrophe

    Unfrozen Cavewoman Lawyer

  10. nice, healthy shining countenance.
    looks like the “After” picture for Faces of Meth, or liver failure. Nice booze bloat around the midsection. Any day her liver is going to try to make a break for it, in fact it looks like it’s coming up her throat in this very picture.

    which one of you guys killed me with the joke about, “is this the chick whose eyes are permanently swollen shut?”

  11. I have a sudden urge for Vodka and Zoloft…

  12. Dox

    She went for sultry and sexy, but landed somewhere between psycho girlfriend and angry hobbit.

  13. cc

    Why is that guy so sweaty?

  14. Codot

    I can smell the STDs through the screen. Amazing!

  15. fred

    She looks like she just crossed the border hidden in the back of a shipping container with 35 other people and somehow got dropped off at this event.

  16. Distinguished Woman Awards eh? No awards were handed out that night as no one could “distinguish” her smell from that of a field of rotting cabbages.

  17. Mike

    I caught herpes just looking at her….
    Dear God….

  18. Quavis

    And Howard Stern dressed up as Miss America again for no reason.

  19. whatever

    lol! omg
    The 80′s called, and said we can keep her.
    No thanks!

  20. Do you know ‘The Crying Game’?

  21. caley

    Slash should go back to letting his hair cover his face!

  22. Wow… that got out of hand quickly.

  23. Axerty

    She knows she’s not on Boardwalk Empire anymore right? Shesh, some people take this method thing too far.

  24. Female


  25. The Spanish Courtney Love.

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