1. She’s come a long way since Baywatch.

  2. Please stop giving her any more coverage. Please.

  3. Is it still euthanasia if someone does it from a speeding car?

  4. anonymous

    Funny thing is she looks much healthier than that Paz de la Whore chick.

  5. Derp

    Is it sad that I thought this was Lindsay Lohan?

  6. JimBB

    She should hook up with Steven Tyler in the previous pic and have leather babies.

  7. dontkillthemessenger

    Nipple, cameltoe, and frankly daylight have been ruined beyond comprehension.

  8. Inner Retard

    I can never unsee this. Photo Boy must pay. Where is my Voodoo doll.

  9. She’d look pretty hot if that cap was just four feet longer.

  10. More like Bleach Mom. Or Bleeech Mom.

  11. Ronaldo

    I thought Halloween was over!

  12. Stalktopus

    Courtney Stodden in 10 years

  13. Dox

    Every time I think I’m ugly…. I just look at this train wreck. Instant ego boost.

  14. fred

    You know, I was going to pile on with the rest of you, but then I saw those duck lips and thought: stunning. Classic elegance.

  15. Tan mom looks kind of like an over cooked Kate Gosselin.

  16. Tan Mom or Man Tom?

  17. Doesn’t Heidi Klum know that Halloween is over now?

  18. fap

    Courtney Love’s sister?

  19. This picture is just all kinds of not right.

  20. whatever

    breasts don’t look like that
    what she has protruding on her chest looks just like a pair of plastic fake-boobs men wear when drunk at parties and dare other men to grab, and pull them out and laugh, and talk about if they had boobs they’d be fondling themselves all day long

  21. Why is she covered up? Is she afraid the sun is going to give her skin cancer?

  22. phantom duck

    I never thought I’d look at someone’s face and think “Nordic baseball glove”…

  23. Wow her hair grows really fast *snort*

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