1. Cock Dr

    Not her best look, but her (fake) boobs do look perky in that outfit.

  2. So Megan, are you going to an auditio… BUAHAHAHAHAAHHAAHA

  3. At first I thought it was JHO, then I looked for the ass.

  4. Bonky

    Megan Fox has abandoned her desire to look like Marilyn Monroe for an updated slutty version of Katherine Hepburn.

  5. Any Guy

    she must be heading to the Simon Wiesenthal center to make a donation and get back in Steven Spielberg’s good graces. good luck. once you piss of the HJIC, you’re blackballed. fuck Spielberg. hasn’t made a good flick since Raiders of the Lost Ark.

  6. Gator's bitch

    the padding in that bra is painfully noticeable

  7. Venom

    Painted on, fantastic.

  8. richie

    still my fave…

  9. EmmaWatson's Vagina

    I’m just awaiting for her to date Manson.

  10. fandy

    skanky school marm look….it’s so shiek

  11. It looks like she’s carrying her phone and an old-school iPod. In one hand.

    • If she’d toss those things into that fucking suitcase she calls a purse, then take it back to the car and let down her hair, she’d be looking really hot.

  12. Cartman

    I don’t care if she has alien thumbs.. I’d hit it.

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