1. DogBoy

    The photographer should have to send 90% of the fee to Adobe– for Photoshop royalties based on the % of the image.

  2. Cock Dr

    Was she actually dipped into a vat of heavy cream foundation?

  3. stratacat

    i was gonna say, “damn, i though that was tara reid,” and then the universe imploded.

  4. Bonky

    Good thing they released ‘PhotoShop Extreme Pro 2012′ early or we would not have been able to publish these photographs today.

  5. Oscar

    This just goes to show: all the Photoshop in the world cannot make her boobs point straight…

  6. your mom

    Madam Trussard, or CGI?

  7. tom

    The amateur who used photoshop on that picture should be killed.

  8. Beefarino

    She hasn’t looked this good…

  9. Jill Ess

    Tara Reid at a photoshoot

  10. Jill Ess

    FAIL :(

  11. Jill Ess

    Tara Reid at a Photoshop for Gavin Von Karls in Los Angeles. (November 2, 2011)

  12. Richard McBeef

    Less Gavin Von Karls, more Karl Hungus

  13. Jack

    Photoshopped to Hell.

  14. No, really … who?

  15. cc

    Where’s Tara Reid in that picture?

  16. yeahright


  17. Venom

    Makeup by MAACO.

  18. SnarkyG

    You know, Traci Lords is aging a lot better than I expected.

  19. What app did the photographer use? I don’t care what it costs, I’ve gotta have it…..I’m sold.

  20. richie

    remember how hot she used to be?!

  21. undercover

    Her lips are uneven so it looks like she is snarling. Creepy.

  22. dotmatrix

    Oh. I thought this was Traci Lords.

  23. Well, I guess it’s better than working for a Hot Karl.

  24. Snack pack

    Haven’t you all heard? This is just a training exercise to prepare the photoshop techs for Lindsay’s playboy shoot.

  25. Johnny P!

    So THAT’s who responded to the Craigslist ad:
    “Professional photographer needs model with a face that will seriously make me work on my Photoshop skills. No pay, but there’ll be beer, tequila and cold pizza lying around”.

  26. The Brown Streak

    So how do I get this off of 256 colors?

  27. The Brown Streak

    Hey, I just noticed…her nipples look like the two arrows at the top of this gallery. Coincidence?

  28. “what’d you say? Did you just say I looked hot???”

  29. Tillman

    Photoshop is only software – it can only do so much. This is more like Sears Weatherbeater paint. And now she’s good for all seasons.

  30. whiskeyafternoon

    if this were any more photoshopped, the Eiffel tower would be in the background.

  31. bbiowa

    Damn, jet-powered airbrush.

  32. GuyLeDouche

    The Slayer on Quaaludes

  33. P’shopped or not, that’s the best she’s looked in years, and I really wouldn’t mind spending an evening with her.

    • Jillia

      You do realize that you’re not spending an evening with whatever that is in the photo up there. Sure, she looks good (minus the stupid look on her face) but keep in mind that’s the best photo of hundreds after carefully considering hair, lighting, makeup, etc. You my friend, are gonna get the sloppy, loopy, smeared lipstick Tara that runs out on your tab. But yea, have fun with that…

  34. I didnt know was in to make up on cheap and trashy women. The job they did on this girl was no better then the horrible photoshop on Obama’s fake birth certificate although I think Tara Reid’s appearance might actually be the bigger crime.

    We all know what is underneath.

  35. Look at her neck. She looks like she’s straining REALLY hard.

  36. Lolwhut

    Her mouth is floating on her face.

  37. noodle

    i can see her hideous pepperonis through her dress.

  38. orpheus_lost

    This shoot wasn’t photoshopped. She just didn’t have time to put her mouth on straight.

  39. awhitedude

    This shoot makes you remember the fresh-faced, perky-breasted hottie from American Pie. R.I.P, Tara Reid, R.I.P.

  40. Fingergod

    “What’s that thing your pointing at me? Is that a camera? It’s been so long, I’ve forgotten what they look like”

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