1. joe

    More like Leslie Mann-Hands, amirite?

  2. EricLr

    Is she auditioning for Mad Men?

  3. BP

    I’ve seen worse man’s hands, my ex girlfriends for instance…..still gave good hjobs!

  4. BP

    A much hotter MILF than Sophia Loren, and she’s gotta smell a whole lot better down there!

  5. Love love loooooooove her!!!!!

  6. “That’s a Mann, baby!!” I’m sorry, I’ll let myself out.

  7. DeucePickle

    For her age, she looks amazing!

  8. Was there a close-out sale for librarian wear at H&M?

  9. Leslie Mann, show us your canns.

  10. LESLIE: “Buh bye! I’m on my way to audition for another one of my husband’s movies! Gosh…I HOPE I get the part!”

  11. I am just thinking out loud here but her husband ought to consider sharing her with other men.

  12. Colonel Angus

    Great looking chick, but least feminine name ever…

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