1. Cock Dr

    Ummm…why the gloves? To avoid leaving fingerprints at the scene of the crime?

  2. How are any of us going to think of a caption that’s funnier than the picture?

  3. Sheppy

    Weirdest record store he’s ever been in.

  4. Mr. Poop

    “Homeless man finds shelter in local Barnes and Noble”

  5. Lando Kardasisian

    ” I’m ciphering just like the younguns do in school ! Hey , ya’ll , I’m ciphering !

    • Billy Barty, Jr.

      “Where you all got them picture books or them comic books? These here books got too many words !
      I can only remember a few of them letters at a time “

  6. guttboy

    Perpetually stuck in 1994.

  7. joe

    The answer is: book stores, CDs, and Billy Ray Cyrus’ relevancy.

    What are dead things from the 90s, Alex?

  8. “Hi, where’s your paternal, but possibly illegal, book section?”

  9. Here’s Billy standing in front of the largest library in the state of Kentucky.

  10. EricLr

    I hear sales of his latest album are off to an achy breaky start.

  11. MH

    He looks like Nick from Family Ties

  12. A crime against humanity my dear Photo Boy. Clear cut case. *puffs meerschaum pipe*

  13. BP

    Take off the Coonskin Cap Davey Crockett!

  14. “Damn near every CD in this joint has sheets of paper in ‘em.”

  15. We have now reached a new level of douche.

  16. Who knew Billy Ray Cyrus + helmet hair = Jay Cutler.

  17. He wrote that album Just For Men®

  18. Michelle

    Irrelevant .

  19. You know what? Say what you will, but Bob Dylan doesn’t look half bad here.

  20. Stewie

    No surprise why his wife cheated.

  21. “OK, Billie, we need to douche it up a little to distract from you banging your crazy daughter all the time. That’s it….. now your good side… A little more douche. NO NO!!! Jesus, tone it down!”

  22. Something tells me he walks around with a guitar and a CD with his picture on it all the time…and if he still doesn’t get attention, busts out a cardboard sign that says “Hi! I used to be Billy Ray Cyrus!”

  23. looks like the guy that tried to follow me into the restroom last week

    • True story:

      a few years ago a friend was taking a dump in the bathroom in Barnes and Noble. Mid pinch, someone came in and said “excuse me sir, I’m with building maintenance and we’re working on the plumbing. Please do NOT flush the toilet when you’re done”

      so he didn’t flush and left his business behind.

      A few minutes later as he’s walking around the store, he heard a commotion at the entrance and sees a security guard confronting a guy in a long coat, saying “SIR, you need to show me what you have in your coat!”.

      Thinking they were busting a shoplifter, he moved to watch the action, but the security guard isn’t holding a book, he’s holding a glass jar with stuff in it…stuff that looks like shit.

      It was a long time before my friend was able to admit that he had been turd burgled.

  24. FINALLY, something a Cyrus would RECOGNIZE in a bookstore!

  25. [img][/img]

  26. kravdan

    Dear Liam Hemsworth, this is your future father in law…

  27. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    No doubt he had to be told what he was standing in front of.

  28. Bionic_Crouton

    Emo hobo doesn’t need your approval!

  29. susieleigh

    somehow a bigger douchebag than miley

  30. Anonymous

    I guess Miley really does look like him. Only she’s bit more masculine.

  31. Jade

    Billy is officially too old to dress up as a hipster.

  32. He looks like KD Lang doing a Garth Brooks alter-ego Chris Gaines thing.

  33. Yep

    Wow Ashlee Simpson’s ex, who’s name I don’t remember because of how inconsequential he turned out to be, has really gone downhi… That’s Miley’s dad? Huh…

  34. Señor Trout

    The gloves make a marked improvement in his guitar playing.

  35. Finleigh

    Is he wearing three scarves?
    Your move, Lenny Kravitz.

  36. This picture is dumber than Billy Cyrus in a bookstore.

  37. Bigalkie

    Thanksgiving’s over Turkey!

  38. katja

    I don’t think he could look more idiotic…

  39. Shoplifting his own dvd.

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