1. joe

    Beth Ditto knows how to shower?

  2. Mr. Poop

    where are the photos from after she gets kicked off for being too fat?

  3. That top is about to rebel.

  4. I think she just tried Willy Wonka’s Three-Course-Dinner Gum

  5. Minky Wail

    I love her pirate shoes. Too bad she can’t see them.

  6. In the midnight hour the rebel cried – “more, more, more… fudge”.

  7. 1NDUN

    Rebel without vichyssoise.

  8. The Luis Vuitton purse totally offsets the unpleasantness of the rest of the photo.

  9. Rebel without a cake.

  10. She’s rebelling against anorexia

  11. Rebel Wilson? Is this Carnie’s daughter?

  12. Soon to be Rebel Without a Foot

  13. Snack pack

    That red polo dude on her shirt is gonna take a mallet to her left boob before falling into the gunt.

  14. Looks like she’s got a couple of Phillips in her too.

  15. PtC

    I’m gonna leave the fat jokes to everyone else, cuz they’re lame and expected. What I am gonna say is Rebel is a funny lady.

  16. Anderson Pooper

    The Kool-Aid man is purple now?

  17. This woman is frikkin’ hilarious!

  18. Señor Trout

    This photo will be recycled next year as ‘Kelly Clarkson at the airport in Sydney, Australia.’

  19. She’s so funny I started laughing at the picture.

  20. This time a Rebel blew up LIKE the Death Star.

  21. I think the tag on the picture is wrong. It should say “Grimace.”

  22. What the fuck is a “Rebel Wilson,” some sort of a turncoat volleyball? And who is the hot chick standing behind her right shoulder?

  23. will

    Rosie ODonnell went blonde?

  24. Honey Boo Boo grew up fast.

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