1. DiegoAD

    Dorff´s reaction to this edition having no nudity says it all.

  2. guttboy

    He always lives up to his last name…..whadda “Dorf”

  3. joe

    Two somewhat predictable reactions to the Wendy Williams pic.

  4. BP

    I heard he’s big in Brazil…….

  5. The guy to his left looks embarrassed

  6. And in every photo there’s a Mindy Kaling impersonator saying it with her eyes.

  7. manz

    Black Katie Holmes?

  8. his tongue showing deficiencies in zinc, b vitamins and relevance

  9. JPC

    Electronic cigarette commercials, tickets to calendar unveilings……this man has got it made!

  10. “Why do I always get seated next to the losers?” Fernanda wondered.

  11. Frank Burns

    I thought he was great in “Dorf on Golf”.

  12. Bionic_Crouton

    “Mr. Dorff,you were warned. We’re here to escort you to the kids table.”

  13. I have the same reaction when I see Dita Von Teese.

  14. Indian Katie Holmes is not impressed

  15. A still from the upcoming movie “Dorf On Dating”.

  16. DORF…Dude…you need to start smoking real cigarettes again.

  17. SFRowGuy

    That’s so enticing Stephen, and just about my size.

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