1. Alright… Al– OH What the fuck happen to you????

  2. He never get’s any better does he?

  3. BP

    Is he starring in The Gay Bruce Jenner Story?

  4. Officelinebacker

    So this is what he looks like with a shirt on.

  5. It truly is amazing how Hollywood celebrities lose weight, grow mustaches, dress down, etc., to “uglify” themselves for films and they end up just looking like average people. It’s refreshing to know that the only thing that separates me from fame and fortune is drive, desire and commitment.

  6. Hope that’s a diet drink. Fatty.

  7. edamame

    Just keep livin’ for fuck’s sake!
    My vagina just cried.

  8. Bionic_Crouton

    I see this picture, and all I hear is 70′s porno music.

  9. So they’re remaking Fargo? Is he the car guy or the woodchipper guy this time around?

  10. Raoul

    “Mmm. Yep. Yep. I see why they ll it a ‘flavor saver’ now.”

  11. lori

    He looks like a stick of beef jerky.

  12. Trying to carry that cup’s gonna tip him over.

  13. cc

    Did anyone else immediately think of Cold Case Files when they saw this? He looks like about 9 out of 10 ‘old photos’ of overlooked suspects on that show.

  14. Phoenix

    It’s crazy enough that they made a David Arquette bio pic but then they didn’t even have the decency to cast David Arquette.

  15. LadyMoustache

    Patrick Swayze’s back!! I knew he couldn’t die.

  16. Kat

    What the hell’s in the mug? Ipecac?

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