1. That wouldn’t happen with the Keystone Beer specially lined can.

  2. Cock Dr

    I remember when Colin was kinda hot.

  3. “Move out of my way or I shoot Mr Pinkie!!!!”

  4. EricLr

    His penis finally realized that the only way out was death.

  5. guttboy

    About to pull a “Plaxico”

  6. Is that Christopher Meloni in a Jared Leto wig?

  7. catapostrophe

    “Giddy-up or I shoot at my nuts!”

  8. George P Burdell

    After he remembered that he had sex with both Lindsay and Paris

  9. “Ugh! Yup, definitely sat on my balls.”

  10. Jill

    I mean sure, the prince charming of my dreams rides a white stallion. Why not? Less herpes though.

  11. Farrell was going on and on about how handsome he is, then realized in order to flog a dead horse, you have to shoot it first.

  12. Minky Wail

    Looks more like a shot from “Corky Goes West”

  13. 1NDUN

    Does Matthew Broderick know about this?

  14. BWMstnrl

    The hair’s not too bad. On the horse.

  15. Allison Wunderlan

    Public Service Announcement:
    “Don’t believe her when she says Valtrex is a CURE.”

  16. Bigalkie

    Wow, This movie has Lame W network written all over it.

  17. Looks like he just shot himself in the dick.

  18. What the?!? You mean they’ve replaced Jeff Daniels in the Dumb and Dumber sequel?

  19. “$10 million Matthew, or I kill your wife!”

  20. cc

    You know you are an asshole when the only way a horse will put up with you is if you hold him at gunpoint.

  21. Mark B

    What if Travolta and Tarrantino had a kid?

  22. Moobs McFlabby

    Henry Rollins, Chris Meloni, and Colin Ferrell…separated at birth?

  23. Tja

    “Nobody move or the todger gets it!”

  24. Montana

    You talkin to me? You MUST be talkin’ to me… I don’t see no other talkin’ horses around here…

  25. Kitty

    “Oh Blimey…did I accidently discharge my pistol….No?….okay carry on.”

  26. LadyMoustache

    Wow. Just…. wow.

  27. lori

    I never realized how inbred he looked until he dyed his hair and eyebrows black, thus creating more contrast with his white skin and bringing more attention to his features.

  28. Prop department put the saddle on backward

  29. EZ-B

    If you ever wondered what Colin Farrell looks like doing an impression of Bill Pullman doing an impression of Robert De Niro, today’s your lucky day.

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