1. Cock Dr

    She is so pretty, but I do feel some resentment at how she ALWAYS looks fantastic. It’s just not fair.

    • HELLO

      UGH! I know…Just so sexy :) I would like to know all the vicky c’s skin care secrets and how come their implants look so damn good??

      I mean, I’m a naturally thin woman with small boobs and most of the other naturally thin women I see who get implants do not look good at all because they look so obvious!

      The angels on the other hand..Their boobs/impants, bodies, hair, skin..Perfection!

      • Just a word of advice, for what it’s worth…DO NOT get your breast implants at Sears.

      • HELLO

        lol..but it seems like even filthy rich women have bad looking Tijuana style, bolt on boob jobs..Even a lot of the ones who go smaller…So I think it might be an implant thing in general. Unless you are an “angel” seriously, they probably have insurance on them though but W0w In general even if they have gotten a little bit of work done they still look naturally beautiful, always…And Miranda is my fave!! She looks awesome with blonde hair too.

      • Take Tamara Ecclestone for example… her old man’s worth billions and her tits look like they came out of a boobie bargain bin.

      • Frank Burns


  2. This girl is just all kinds of awesome. Can you imagine how popular she would be if she could just find the time to drink and drive, buy drugs in public and punch random club-girls in the face?

  3. She’s just perfect.

  4. Now there’s a pair of shorts I’d like to smell at the end of a long day.

  5. YES! She is a beauty. Shouldn’t she be married to Eric Bana not Orlando Bloom? (Troy anyone? anyone?)

  6. Dimples. ♥

  7. LadyMoustache

    It’s just not possible to diss this chick. She’s altogether charming.

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