1. EricLr

    Just hit her that her baby isn’t in there.

  2. Mr. Poop

    duff looking porky

  3. guttboy

    Looks quite doable to me. Yep, even when I put me glasses on!

  4. Chub & Chubbier, next on Fox!

  5. She hired the dude in the back to shadow her and make her look relatively thin.

  6. Her bag says “M.M.M.M.MMMM… FOOD”

  7. Minky Wail

    “Ok I’ve probably got time to stop at In-N-Out Burger and still get to the mall before Cinnabon closes.”

  8. She’s looking damn sexy these days.

  9. ThisWillHurt

    Perhaps she drank too much Duff Beer.

  10. Pat C.

    Still has a cute face though.

  11. She wears her baby weight very well. She packed on some weight, but she’s still more attractive than like 99% of the world.

    • just me

      I agree! At least she doesn’t go out in public looking dirty and greasy like a lot of people I’ve seen. She has enough self-respect to shower and fix herself up before she leaves the house. Gotta give her props for that!

  12. cc

    I never tire of looking at Duff’s Ditch (shout out to Manitoba there).

  13. Tidbit

    You remember me from “Parker Lewis Can’t Lose?” No?….. “E.R.?” No?…..Oh, Hillary Duff’s in front of me.

  14. Max

    WTF are all those thumbs down on the comments about her weight? It’s thesuperficial, not a self-help website for women struggling with their weight.. You thumbed it down? You’re FAT!

  15. No, the DINGO ate my baby.

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