1. Mr. Poop

    the last time I wore shorts like that, I got beat up

    • USDA Prime McBeef

      as true artiste he gets a pass for everything us uncultured folks might find “super douchey”

  2. guttboy

    How is this “Man” a celebrity?

  3. Dude, there’s simple-living and then there’s the “I’ll blow you for a pack of smokes” look….

  4. BP

    A few more bad movies, and he’ll be delivering food for a living!

  5. He’s not aging well. Looks like Beouf jerky.

  6. I would love to see what the world is like from his perspective, but I’m not sure I can stick my head that far up my ass.

  7. ThisWillHurt

    *shakes cup at a pedestrian*
    “Spare an embarrassing acting role that’ll earn me an obscene amount of money?”

  8. Cut-off jean shorts and a Prius?! The man just exudes sexy.

  9. jacket over hoodie over tshirt…douche level: LaBeouf

  10. didn’t he used to be young like two years ago?

  11. JT

    Shia LaBeouf on the set of Dallas Buyers Club

  12. Check your manhood.

  13. The Pope

    A bicycle cop in San Francisco must have given him those shorts.

  14. kravdan

    Hoodie, jacket, hat, hot coffee, and shorts… I thought it was cold, but it must just be douche outside.

  15. Look, there’s Jonah Hill! Watch! As soon as he downs that triple mocha caramel frappucino, he’ll balloon to 320 labs!

  16. Michael

    Put it this way, he could still have the Three Tenors look from early this year. After “Lawless”, I’m not writing him off yet. That was a pretty good film for what it was. And :SPOILER ALERT: Jessica Chastain shows her tits!

  17. right

    lock the doors & don’t look it in the eye when it offers to wash the windshield!

  18. LilDeuceDeuce

    I don’t even care that this looks like garbage…isn’t his top half going to be way too hot while his legs get cold?

  19. Raoul

    99 problems …

  20. Phoenix

    What’s the opposite of cankles?

  21. Natty Ice

    Skinny man-thighs is gross cut off shorts should be a punishable crime.

  22. LadyMoustache

    “Hello! My name is BatShit Crazy!”

  23. lori

    Stop trying so hard to be cool. I’m sorry to say that it’s just not going to happen for you in this lifetime.

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