1. Cock Dr

    Curbing worldwide deforestation doesn’t seem to be keeping President Bongo’s attention.
    I would just like to thank Photo Boy for giving us all the chance to type “President Bongo”. Kinda made my day.

  2. EricLr

    “The UK would like to begin with a resolution that all members of this panel be required to bathe daily and wear deodorant”.

  3. Sorry but Prince Dick and Ali Bongo sounds like a porn title…

  4. BP

    No farm animals present with Prince Charles, WTF!

  5. Bongo- “This is taking too longo.”

  6. Why was Prince Charles at a meeting of international leaders? Was someone even less useful unable to make it?

    • Princess Died

      Right – and since when is a figurehead who enjoys endless largesse on the backs of his countrymen (and likely had a role in offing his straying wife) considered a “world leader?” Fuck him!
      What a colossal waste of time, and Bongo knows it.

  7. “Listen, I think I can speak quite knowingly on what is happening in Africa. In fact, some of my best friends are African.”
    “Oh, Lord… here we go”.

  8. Ten minutes earlier, Matthew McConaughey came in and played for ten minutes on his head.

  9. ALI BONGO…??? Seriously? Sounds like the name of a new hip-hop star.

  10. WBMistnrl

    “If Ali Bongo and Harry Krishna can get along what about you Curry Muncher?”

  11. A romp in the forest yields matching ties.

  12. I don’t see myself ever being comfortable calling a black man “Bongo”

  13. Bigalkie

    The Gabonese find it very insulting if you don’t fall asleep during a conversation.

  14. There’s a wafer bar in my country named Bongo. That’s all I got.

  15. “I can’t believe he’s wearing the same tie as me. You’re the Prince of Wales, man! You must have a thousand ties! You just had to wear that one today?”

  16. Bionic_Crouton

    Its bedtime for Bongo.

  17. Ali Bongo: “A brick wall. A solid brick wall. Picture a solid brick wall, surrounding my thoughts. You will not get into my head Prince Charles. There is a solid brick wall surrounding my thoughts…”

  18. “Look here, I have said “Ali Bongo” six times and I still have yet to get my wish. What sort of magic is this?”

  19. cc

    “I say, if I told my stories with the same enthusiasm as Gerard Butler, would they be more exciting?”

  20. will

    Will this white boy ever shut up?

  21. Toe Jam

    “What chew talkin’ ’bout, Charles?”

  22. LadyMoustache

    Tragically, they later discovered that Mr. Bongo had in fact passed away shortly after the meeting started.

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