1. Contusion

    See…you don’t have to post photos of that exercise chick. There is plenty of this kind of thing to go around.

  2. I find it quite disheartening that even Mario Lopez’s name makes it’s way to new vagina as soon as it shows up.

  3. Maybe in Madrid but in Vegas she would be about $200- an hour plus a knee pad surcharge…

  4. just saying

    I’d give her the best three minutes of my life.

  5. oldfool

    Spain gets this– and all we get is Kim, Lindsay, Coco, and Miley?

  6. tlmck

    I think I had goulart for dinner last night.

  7. There’s the gum I lost.

  8. will


  9. Jake

    Life will remain good is CIndy Crawforrd can continually reappear as a 20 year old woman ad infinitum.

  10. dumbasses

    spain? she is brazilian you stupid asses

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