1. King: “In this book a monster terrorizes people in a small New England town for no particular reason, and is vanquished through the power of love”

    Reporter: “So, you don’t even try any more?”

    King: “No, i do not”

  2. Fromage

    “Good thing I made all my money from my early novels, cuz my recent pile of turds, aint selling for shit.”

  3. “I got a Castle Rock in my colon.”

  4. “Give me those puppies!”

  5. huh?

    “look to the cookie Elaine”

  6. JimBB

    They asked him to give a 15-minute speech. This is his third hour.

  7. Satan can only stay in one person for so long, once he was done with giving Stephen King ideas for his books, he was forced to move onto Kris Jenner.

  8. It’s a Just For Men before and after in one shot.

  9. Love Stephen King

  10. Jenn

    Stephen may need to pass the pen down to his boys. Dr. Sleep was an ok book, but I liked Joe’s last one better.

  11. fred

    Stephen has written terrifying tales for years, so it is more than a little ironic that he hasn’t noticed that half of his body is being taken over by a beast that hunts people in the night, while the other half remains an elderly milk toast white guy who is boring the shit out of everybody with his crappy, repetitive books.

  12. By the end of the evenings festivities, King had already finished his next novel and 2 screenplays.

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