1. I hope Nick’s calling a cab.

  2. Brooke is thick. I like it.

  3. They’re always blown away by magic tricks…

  4. JC

    “Yo, dad. This blonde on my arm’s hot, right?”
    “Yes she is, son. Yes she is.”

  5. crb

    Now if Nick and Rebecca Gayheart would just challenge Kanye to a DeathRace against Jason Statham…

  6. JimBB

    Hello, 9-11? Yes, we’d like to report a black person in Beverly Hills…

  7. “Come on, $200?”
    “No, I can’t go lower than $250. She kneed me in the balls last time I did.”

  8. byron821

    Sulk, Bulk & Hulk Hogan take on the town.

  9. Keeping it all in the family, that seems about right.

  10. mamamia

    Thats the daughter? Shit. Looks like shes aged ten years this year

  11. “Hey, Joe. I wanna bang that hot wife of yours!”
    “She’s my what?”
    “I stand by my statement.”

  12. The Hulk better not rob a bank with that shirt on.

  13. ashrit snowe

    Nick’s so stupid he has to be led around by his idiot sister. I’m surprised he’s holding a cell to his ear and not a pop tart. Sweet camel toe btw!

  14. cc

    ‘Hey Hulk, you seeing what I’m seeing?’
    ’24×7 waxing salon? You’re damn straight!’
    ‘Let’s get her hairy parts in there, stat!’

  15. dontkillthemessenger

    Being the Poor Man’s Kardashians must be rough…

    Less money, more convictions.

  16. If Brooke Hogan cut that hair those nasty rumors that he’s a chick might die off. just saying.

  17. whatever

    She got fat because she got sick of dad groping her thinking she was his girlfriend.

  18. JW

    OK, I’ll admit that I just hope she doesn’t go bald too…

  19. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    “Brooke, are you gonna screw Dad first again, or do I get to avoid sloppy seconds for once?”

    “Son, little did you know she asked me to look after her phone. Now back the fuck off, you’ll be waiting your turn like always.”

  20. Paully Boston Baby!

    Brooke, the Hump Day camel called. He wants his toe back.

  21. Instead of shopping, they should put that money in an envelope and mail it to the BRAIN DEAD victim of Nick’s reckless driving. Why isn’t Nick in prison for that?

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