1. Chris Brown just spooged.

  2. Look, I don’t want to point any fingers (it was Chris Brown), but this looks like it could be (it was definitely Chris Brown) the work of a known woman beater. It seems the victim is even happy it happened to her (read: IT WAS CHRIS BROWN!!).
    We may never find the identity of the assailant.

  3. Gaga is three weeks late for Halloween.

  4. George P Burdell

    Where’s my sandwich!

  5. crb

    How many times have people been told to keep Robin Williams away from the cocaine-benzedrine hookah bar?

    When will you people learn that freebasing isn’t free; they should call it homebasing, it costs you your house, it’s like that one time Clarence Thomas and Jesse Helms got together with the laugh-o-meter, the old guy with no lenses in his glasses who says “Goddamn…” and the baby who says “Suprise, surprise, surprise”…

  6. JimBB

    …or, as Mischa Barton calls it, “Wednesday.”

  7. They dug up Brittany Murphy?

  8. Robin Williams was a werewolf all along? I thought he was just very hairy.

  9. Thanks to the Julianne Hough controversy, Sarah Michelle Gellar was not able to go all the way with the blackface for her Rihanna costume.

  10. alex

    hellmouth strikes again.

  11. Chris Brown really needs to be stopped.

  12. pretty obvious it was a Chrisglyth Brownsglnrth demon.

  13. Still totally would.

  14. It’s Alabama-Man’s wife action figure with live action bruising from his back hand and bowling swing action when he doesn’t get his beer the first time he hollers for it.

  15. mamamia

    I thought it was Lady Gaga trying to look ‘outrageous’ again

  16. “And…and all I said was, “I think people are a little tired of the Russian accent,” and he just…he just exploded…”

  17. It pays well, and he’s usually a nice guy, but you never try to stay on script when Robin Williams is ready to ad-lib. Just don’t do it.

  18. My look?
    It’s an Ike Turner original, with a consult by Mel Gibson done in the spirit of Axl Rose.

  19. ashrit snowe

    Can’t blame her there. I’d rather be stuck in an elevator with Chris Brown and Ike Turner than 10 minutes in a room with Robin Williams.

  20. I’ll always love SMG no matter what she looks like.

  21. tlmck

    Based on her acting performances, this probably happens daily.

  22. fred

    Wow. This is how it would be if every guy suddenly lost his beer goggles. Not good.


    Huh. Brittany Murphy is looking pretty good these days.

  24. Make-up by Melissa Joan Hart.

  25. dark matter

    CB wuz here

  26. Cory

    Enough with the GSP photos.

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