1. She makes Hillary Swank look feminine.

  2. Jill

    Wow, the clues keep adding up for the not-so-secret homosexuality of Clooney.

  3. who’s this dude?

  4. SSHGuru

    It’s Steven Tyler – he found the fountain of youth.

  5. Cindy Crawford finally cut of the mole.

  6. now I see why Clooney dumped her.

  7. Venom

    Milking the last of the fame….

  8. farting old man's wife

    She was horrid on DWTS!! I guess blowing Clooney didn’t help her out so much!

  9. The Brown Streak

    Clooney only dumped her when he realized her last name wasn’t Cannibis..

  10. Is it just me or does it seem like she waxed her stache recently?
    You can even see it a little under her nose and on her forehead!
    Oh wait,that’s just her grease.

  11. cc

    Her breasts look pleasing to the mouth.

  12. arnieblackblack

    He’s a lovely looking girl

  13. Steelerchick

    Wonder what she looks like without the wig?

  14. CranAppleSnapple

    Hey FancyFace. Are you and Bo going to get back together?
    Who cares, I actually only want to know if Chloe’s having a human baby.

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