1. That thing looks glued on…

  2. He looks like a Mexican 7th grader.

  3. It’s ironic that he has a mustache that looks stupid, but also ironic that it’s the only ironic thing about him. Hipsters everywhere just had their heads explode.

  4. Richard McBeef

    Apparently child molestation doesn’t count or he would never be at something called “Virgin Unite”

  5. Deacon Jones


    With that mustache there, it’s like I completely forgot that he’ll be forever type cast as a short complainer that walks fast.

  6. it had to be said

    OK, I’m aware of men’s health. Now shave that thing.

  7. GLT

    Gary Oldman’s looking quite youthful these days.

  8. 70′s porno mustache.

  9. catapostrophe

    Unabashed douchery.

  10. _me

    Turn those stache tips south and you’ve got a ‘Mini-Spurlok’.

  11. Venom

    Seriously dude, not the week to be walking around looking like a child molester.

  12. MrsWrong

    “Mustache rides…$1, but I’m out of singles so let me go to the bank”

  13. Perplexity

    It must suck being a grown man with such a baby face, but adding bad facial hair turns it into a joke

  14. The Brown Streak

    …and then that was the end for Movember

  15. MrsWrong


  16. Not pleased with all this pedo coverage on Sandusky,it looks like he stepped up his pedo game.

  17. Dr Ha-Ha

    Kevin Kline has discovered the fountain of youth.

  18. RHawk

    “The name is Bag, Douche Bag.”

  19. Ell


    Dude, too soon. Too soon..

  20. Buddy the Elf

    A young Michael Cain.

  21. Pipedreamer

    “Uh.. did somebody order a pizza. Sure.. I guess I could come in for some iced tea… thanks, Mrs. Johnson.”
    Key bass line and synth music

  22. Steelerchick

    That is creeepy!!!

  23. miainherr

    HURRY someone give him a napkin to wipe that chocolate mustache off….ohhhhh wait….

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