1. Dear Person,

    Thank you for reading my book which I wrote and stuff.


    Khloe with a K

  2. Kurt Barlow

    I’m just gonna trace my hand and draw a turkey, okay? Mmmmm, turkey.

  3. DeucePickle

    Hey, I do everything threes at a time. Eat samwiches, be sisters, sign book things….everything.

  4. Richard McBeef

    I could say all variety of terrible things about the beast, but she is easily the most tolerable of those kunts.

  5. it had to be said

    Wait, that’s not Rosie O’Donnell?

    • Sarah

      I thought the same thing. She needs a thought bubble where she wants to give Seussical The Musical another try.

  6. The Superficial presents: Messin’ with the Sasquatch.

  7. Minky Wail

    “Mr. Dinklage you can stand on all three, but you’re still not going to be able to do me doggy.”

  8. “Mom, why am I signing your books again?”
    “Because I’m a lazy money grubbing whore.”
    “That’s right Mom, sorry.”

  9. Dollhouse? You sure that’s not Tollhouse, as in delicious cookies eaten by the truckload?

  10. Plain or peanut, Khloe?

    “Neither, I want the Pretzel ones.”

  11. biff boof

    Clicked the thumnail thinking it was Miley Cyrus

  12. Venom

    Seriously, who buys books written by retards like her and Snooki?
    Their average demographic have IQs of 85.

  13. MrsWrong

    I didn’t realize they made a Trans-gender Barbie

  14. “Really!?! You found the Sasquatch?! In a Bookstore?! OK, So I’ll make this one special — To Matt, the guy that found Sasquatch in a bookstore. Luv Khloe.”

  15. “Dollhouse”? Is that how regular-sized houses look to her?

  16. MrsWrong

    A Wookie says what?

  17. The Brown Streak

    “Me write book! Me write name in book now! Me not Kim! Who am me? Oh yeah! Me Khloe with e! Me write in book now! K….me run out of room. Me get other book! K…me run out of room again! Why me no able to write name? Me try write in other book! K…me run out of room again! Me getting mad now! Why me write in small book? Me need big book to write in!”

  18. Johnny P!

    They’re not sandwiches, they’re books.
    One at a time, Khloe, one at a time…

  19. AnnaDraconida

    Miley Cyrus in less than 10 years.

  20. The Pope

    “I call it the Triple-McKhloe”

  21. I’m so conflicted… I should hate her because she’s a Kardashian, but she hates her sister, which is good, right?

  22. GuyLeDouche

    Dollhouse? So someone crammed the entire Dushku family in one dress and sent them out to publicize a defunct show? I wonder why.

  23. Wait, how do you spell “x” again?

  24. Elf

    “Ewww! That guy on the third row is eating a salad! Gross!”

  25. tlmck

    “Me dumb as ox. Me look like ox too.”

  26. “What do you mean I can’t highlight a book with a black highlighter?”

  27. Lindsey

    I heard nobody showed up for their book signing.. Ha Ha Ha, just what they deserved. So sick of them, they must be addicted to attention and nobody showed up, I find that hilarious.

    • BE

      This book is already bombing WORSE than KJ’s fluffy grab for money.
      I just can’t fathom what marketing genius (KJ?) came up with the idea that people who love to read also watch their show. Or to reverse it, that people who are glued to the screen wondering what the Kardashians are going to do next actually read.
      I’m stunned at the level of delusion going on there…

  28. javi

    the human version of Fiona from Shrek…but the shrek version

  29. cc

    Hey, who slipped a copy of Dostoevsky’s ‘The Idiot’ in here?

  30. Steelerchick

    Didn’t know that Sasquach new how to write?

  31. McLisa Tangerine Starfish

    “You assholes promised me cream puffs!”

  32. gigi

    heyyy! shouldn’t Eliza Dushku & Joss Whedon be pissed at that title? the nerve…

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