1. Deacon Jones


    You mean her name isn’t “dime a dozen cum guzzler”?

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    Hot damn. It would not take her long to brainwash me.

  3. Jojo got some nice hips.

  4. I would like to see more of the body, but I would hit it.

  5. it had to be said

    Them’s child-bearing hips. You’re gonna want at least two rubbers with this one.

  6. Jill Ess

    At first glance I thought this was Lindsay. I was impressed by how healthy she looks! False alarm.

  7. bonerspunk

    Fuckin’ A! I’ve been following her since she was 12! She’s hot! Want nudez nowz!!!

    Oh wait…..

  8. Mr Brainwash art studio sounds like a place where they give you a roofie and then take nude photos of you.

    Does anyone have the address?

  9. McSweaty


  10. kimmykimkim

    Seriously though she looks like a hooker on dollar day.

  11. Venom

    Fuck she is hot and she looks positively dirty.

  12. The Brown Streak

    “Hmmm. My implant senses are tingling. There must be a crime nearby.”


  14. DC

    Thought it was J Woww until I clicked the thumbnail….I’d so hit that

  15. tlmck

    How did Disney miss this one?

  16. She definitely needs to have some naked pictures taken. Hef…??? Ummmm, Oh Hef…???…Mr. Hefner…??? HEY, HEFNER, you crazy old poon hound, wake up and smell the coffee before this gal fades into obscurity!!!”

  17. HortonHearsABoob

    That “Mr. Brainwash” hack is still around? Eeesh.

    Seriously….any retard can make a million dollars. It’s all in how you market your particular bullshit.

  18. I know she hasn’t worked in a while, but, does she really have to resort to trying out to be on the show ‘Jerseylicious’?

  19. cc

    There’s a whiff of Kardashian about her.

  20. Blech

    Raven-haired Lindsay Lohan.

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