1. Hank E. Ring

    Yes, the microphone condom is quite comfortable.

  2. achilles wrath

    He looks bored out of his mind.

  3. That’s how he looked while *giving* the keynote address?

  4. Needs a thought bubble: I would tear that ass up…

  5. Arnu

    He just realized Hilary will be home all the time now

  6. sexyman48

    You should flip the image so it looks like he’s looking at Mayra Veronica in the thumbnails.

  7. .oO(Democratic party…More like Sausage Party…)

  8. Moo Cow Hunter

    Looking at the amateurs but being a gentlman Bill could only scream in silence: Didn’t anybody teach you how to use a cigar properly?!

  9. Contusion

    He’s contemplating what it will be like to have been the President and then the first lady…er…first man…in 2016.

  10. it had to be said

    Someone’s blowjob appointment is late.

  11. cc

    He looks despondent…I guess he just realized he wasn’t actually elected a third time.

  12. The collective "meh"

    (Thinking) “They told me there would be weed here…”

  13. Mary Feeney

    According to the Amsterdam dot com page on Amsterdam coffeeshops, “One very important thing to remember is that hash and marijuana available in Amsterdam’s coffeeshops is likely to be much stronger than most visitors to the city are used to.” My guess is that Bill was unaware of this and that what we see here is the result.

  14. zomgbie

    just uncross those legs…
    just a little bit more…
    little more…

    little more…

  15. Lauren Pope’s boobs will cheer him up.

  16. evilstamos

    Here Kim Kardashian… Here Kim Kardashian…

  17. royal inbred

    “how much longer must I suffer before savaging the red light district”

  18. worn out from the previous night’s festivities, no doubt

  19. Is this some kind of sick joke where Bill is trying to attract Madonna??

  20. George P Burdell

    Bill Clinton trolling for Kardashians at at the Amsterdam Convention Factory in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

  21. “This isn’t what I had in mind when they said ‘Come join us in Amsterdam.’”

  22. your mom

    “Goddamn, that was some good shit… maybe even too good. Wait, WHY IS THIS ILLEGAL AT HOME???”

  23. Duck86

    My hand smells like a ham sandwich, and I want to eat it…no wait…It smells like Monica Lewinsky.

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