1. Jman

    Is there something not being taught to all breast enhancement doctors? Is it really that difficult to get it right?

    • I figured it was due to the women wanting a bigger size than was preferable for their body.

    • OMG… THANK YOU. There must be a way to do them so they don’t look like beach balls. I mean, we can put a man on the moon, right? We can’t make real-looking big bosoms?

      • The intellectual part of me says it’s probably a manifestation of the “Toupée Fallacy”, and we only notice the bad boob jobs because the good ones look perfectly normal.

        But the mean spirited side of me says these chicks were probably molested by their uncles and now their entire self worth is manifested in how big a balloon they can get jammed under their skin. So now they spend their days blowing dudes trying to find the one who will accept them for the hurting child they are inside, rather than the disgusting sticky skank she presents to the world.

        Did I mention the mean spirited side of me usually wins?

        Seriously, she looks sticky.

      • kimmykimkim

        I wonder if it has something to do with how much real breast tissue they actually have. If someone were just completely flat chested and got giant implants, this is probably the result. But I bet if someone has C’s or even B’s and just went up one cup size, they’d look good.

      • I forget which of these British reality-show whores it is now—someone from that Essex show, I think—but one of them was originally an A cup and went to a DD (over at least two surgeries but only a few years apart), and of course she looks like she’s got a couple of beach balls stapled to her ribs.

  2. Anna

    are most chicks in London ugly to the point where tons of makeup do not help with robotits?

    • Hugh Evers

      Negatory – I was in London a couple weeks ago and the city is littered with hot chicks. I don’t have any idea why only their most slutty get their picture taken. Also, there are no fat people in the U.K. except for Americano tourists. It is like going back in a time machine to see so many normal sized people.

  3. When your implant wonkboobs look this bad, do you REALLY want to display the worst part of them?

  4. kimmykimkim

    GROSS! I hate you guys!

  5. Johnny P!

    Lauren: “I want them ultra round and extra firm, but I want them to look like they’re on two different bodies.”
    Surgeon: “Coming up!”

  6. KC

    She looks like a slutty blow up doll version of Jennifer Lawrence.

  7. Bigalkie

    Bimbola Virus strikes again.

  8. Yes Uk has shitty weather but a shit load of make up ,fake tan paint only enhances your awful boob job ,not your complexion !

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