1. Awww….. the horsey thinks it’s a mouse! Adorable!

  2. USDA Prime McBeef

    somebody really fucked up positioning those blinders. they look like mickey mouse ears, for fuck’s sake.

  3. William Shatner

    More… opacity… needed.

  4. I thought horses were supposed to be afraid of mice.

  5. henry hill

    awww shit. someone roofie’d me again and dumped me at a drag show.

  6. Tron

    Be afraid…be very afraid.

  7. YAAR

    A horse is a horse, of course of course…unless it’s wearing mickey ears. Then it’s a horse wearing mickey ears.

  8. EricLr

    With those things on, how will she ever fit her head into the trough?

  9. Cock Dr

    I understand that she raised a shitload of money for the Obama campaign at her NY stables.

  10. Sheppy

    Ears are TOTALLY the wrong shape.

  11. Ripley's Believe It Or Not

    Suprise day, suprise day, nothing but suprise day, anything can happen and it usually involves a horse.

  12. Minky Wail

    I think she’s trying to make a statement here about the ageless dichotomy of the human condition having the sullen, funerary nature of the black lace juxtaposed with the gleeful frivolity of Mickey Mouse ears. Or she’s totally wasted.

  13. She flipped up her blinders

  14. Swearin

    Disney is releasing a live-action Mickey Mouse movie; sadly, Sarah Jessica Parker played Minnie and got to give a eulogy during Mick’s funeral scene….oops, spoiler.

  15. cc

    Genetic engineering gave us a mouse with a giant ear on it…now it’s given us a horse with giant mouse ears. What next. What next indeed.

  16. Timothy

    H-O-R : No, I’not a whore
    S-E-Y: Why, oh god Why?

  17. Contusion

    I swear she’s aging in dog years.

  18. B&WMinstrel


  19. it had to be said

    Minnie looks completely busted.

  20. Dubsteppa

    Trying out a new shtick as DJ Deadhor5e.

  21. SuperJ

    ‘Sup, dude.

  22. Funny, that’s always exactly how I imagined her to handle a “microphone”…mouth tightly shut and looking bored.

  23. Beer Baron

    Steven Tyler’s looking nice.

  24. Mickey01232000

    I am not sure what to make of this a horse face with mouse ears. Is this Disney at the Kentucky Derby?

  25. Disney bought Mr. Ed too? They’re snatching up everything these days.

  26. zomgbie

    disney: the zombie years.

  27. The collective "meh"

    “Trick or treat… I’m one of Cinderellas mice that turned into a horse to draw her carriage to the ball.”

  28. Bigalkie

    What a dog!

  29. rican

    So, the Scarecrow goes to a halloween party as Dr. Ed dressed like Minnie Mouse.

  30. This horse has creepy hands too.

  31. AnnaD.

    Unfortunate makeup and… everything.

  32. I_Love_Lesa

    Look!, SjP Is doing a cameo At a Deadmau5 concert;
    Screw all you guys, I think she looks hot.
    I want to have sex with her while she’s wearing only those mouse ears………………OOOOOOOhhhhhhh yeah!
    Moan all you want, Mousey

  33. Sliver

    So that’s what a corpse looks like in a Halloween costume.

  34. I swear from the thumb I really, really, really thought it was a guy in drag impersonating her. Sorry, hypothetical guy.

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