1. Deacon Jones

    Definitely googling this POA

  2. diego

    He obviously attended the Fergie School for Dicktuckery

  3. oh wow

  4. Minky Wail

    So Rickie from “My So-Called Life” finally went for it.

  5. cc

    I guess she came here by way of England.

  6. mismy

    wholesome looking young lady

  7. Scroll down about 460pixels or so. Enjoy.

  8. The collective "meh"

    She hugged a man for fifteen minutes. He fought long and hard to stay embraced which is the same way they found his smiling suffocated corpse

  9. Jack London's sober moment

    is there really an Argyle street? (look in the background)

  10. Finally, a woman built strong enough to survive my penis.

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