1. A semi-attractive blonde goes out and gets ridiculously large fake knockers. And then someone starts taking pictures of her in a low-cut dress.

    I think I smell a trend coming… oh, wait.

  2. Animal

    Coincidentally, Blue and Lucy are also the names of her tits.

  3. That is a bad case of Janice Dickinson chest right there.

  4. Tron

    It would have been more appropriate if “Lucy” was named “Balls”.

  5. Fake Tits should be instant qualification from “Miss” anything except “Miss Implants”

  6. Note to self: Put snow globes on Christmas list

  7. B&WMinstrel

    Soon to appear in Playboy.
    Turns out Hef still has to get one of those event clean up companies in every single week. To throw stuff around and make it look like something’s happening.

  8. kimmykimkim

    Oh, sweetie, no.

  9. cc

    Ireland? I am of Irish descent and I am calling BS on this one.

  10. Beer Baron

    Never been more proud of being Irish. Though I didn’t see any chicks this remotely hot when I was out in Dublin a few years ago.

  11. Former Miss World huh? She definitely has two huge globes on her chest.

  12. Little Tongue

    Why these women do that to themselves is beyond me…

  13. oldfool

    Just remember, honey, fall Forward.

  14. Bigalkie

    +Seriously.. Stop it with the clown tits.

  15. This is the strangest “Parks and Rec.” cosplay I’ve ever seen. They didn’t even get the names of the penguins right

  16. Shamrock

    She’s the daughter of singer Chris de Burgh – considering that, she’s very pretty!

  17. She’s beautiful, Irish, and can drink your ass under the table.

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