1. dontkillthemessenger

    I’m going to guess there was a lot of snow in Moscow last night.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Wow, having watched “The Tudors” for years, I can tell you this guy looks like shit. Probably hooked on pills now, looking at the eyes

  3. Joe

    Since when are the deceased propped up like this for a viewing?

  4. henry hill

    BEHOLD! Master of the Vacant Stare!

  5. EricLr

    Brought to you by Heroin™–When Weed Just Doesn’t Cut It Anymore!

  6. Sheppy

    Taken 0.5s before the fold-out backdrop collapses.

  7. Ann Valor

    One is the loneliest number…

  8. Phoenix

    Robert Downey Jr really needs to start eating again.

  9. popwilleatitself

    Now that’s heroin chic!
    Someone is forcing him to be there.

  10. that whole showering & getting (sort of) dressed thing taxed him to the limit. thank fucking christ for that wall.

  11. Step and repeats are fucking exhausting, y’all.

  12. Johnny P!

    Sure, send Jonathan Rhys Meyers to the land of Vodka.
    Well played, producers… hope you won’t be needing any re-shoots or ADR anytime soon!

  13. Kannon

    Moscow would be covered in “Snow” they said. All “White” as far as the eye can see they said. FML

  14. Sister Ray

    Never seen a photo of him where he doesn’t have a thousand-yard stare.

  15. pff

    Oh I was starting to worry about Marc Anthony’s missing.

  16. oldfool

    Assuming the position of his latest gig—rough trade. Boy George wants his digits.

  17. The collective "meh"

    He tried to go around the corner to shoot up but someone put a red carpet event right where he was going to O.D..

  18. Mel's Attitude

    If you were stuck in Moscow in November would you want to be straight?

  19. He does a pretty good Merle Haggard except for the “Merle” part.

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