1. dontkillthemessenger

    I don’t know who Marilyn Manson is, but who’s the pale loser with the ugly tattoo?

  2. So he’s a 3M spokesperson now? Wow, talk about bad product placement…

  3. YAAR

    I see Nicholas Cage is doing a Marilyn Manson biopic…

  4. Tron

    “Hey dude…I loved you in Saved By The Bell”

  5. katiee

    so that’s not nic cage, then?

    not sure if that’s sad for marilyn manson or for nic cage.

  6. Phoenix

    Fix your hat, douchebag.

  7. Kitty

    when the hell did he tattoo a swastika on his chest, that’s new….

  8. Johnny P!

    It’s sad when you’re supposed to be an “Alt-Shock Rocker’, and any
    woman you date looks like your caregiver…

  9. cc

    He was yesterday’s news yesterday.

  10. The collective "meh"

    The iron cross and swastika neck tattoo invites ass kickins’-a-plenty

  11. Beer Baron

    What a nerd.

  12. I love Marilyn Manson. him and rob zombie on tour. fuck ya

  13. EricLR

    Lindsay sinks to a new high.

  14. He is still the kid looking for attention. When is he going to grow up. All he is missing is a confederate flag tattoo on his face.

  15. Next.....

    Doesn’t he get pissed off when someone calls him his real name, Brian something? Why don’t people just do that for the hell of it all the time just to f..k with him. That would be fun!

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