1. Nothing wrong with this chick’s body… but what is up with that head?

    • I’m not seeing anything particularly heinous. Two eyes, one nose, a nice mouth, in fairly normal proportion. Clear skin, nice hair, not too much makeup.

      To what, specifically, were you referring?

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    I’m sure there is something wrong with her, but I don’t see it in this pic.

  3. Are those built for comfort or built for speed?

  4. Ann Valor

    The keyholes in that mighty fine dress of hers make me want to roll her up and bowl her sexily down the lane.

  5. Phoenix

    “Fire bad.”

  6. cc

    AKA Carla ‘The Body’ Gugino

  7. She’s perfection. End of discussion.

  8. She seems to smile a lot. Good for her.

  9. This is why I jerk off every time I watch the movie Son in Law…Then Pauly Shore fucking ruins it for me.

  10. Skeeter

    Been jerking off to her for years. Amazing body.

  11. Vance

    I’d like to bang her really hard while trying to see how many fingers I can fit up her butt.

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