1. alex

    Someone got a lap band. Should have put one around her mouth while they were at it.


  3. Chaz

    So much for fucking black guys.

  4. She’s only half as funny as she used to be.

  5. Good for her, but damn, that’s weird.

  6. capn ovious

    Hmmm…turns out that she didn’t have a pretty face. Go figure.

  7. What in the fuck happened to her?

  8. phantom duck

    Well… Courtney Love is looking a tad different these days

  9. I’m glad she decided to lose weight. Skin’s a little loose but I’m hoping that can be remedied without cosmetic surgery.

  10. richie

    uh oh! looks like someone ran over a gypsy with her car!

    if she offers you some pie, DON’T FUCKING EAT IT!!!!!

  11. Vladimir

    Looks like somebody dun got the High 5…

  12. Well I hope SHE likes it but I much preferred the heavier version.

  13. Losing weight turns you into a lesbian?

  14. Truk

    This is not Lisa Lampanelli. This is the Alien that popped out of Lisa Lampanelli’s chest.

  15. Fromage

    I guess she finally got around to fucking Al Roker and Reverend Al Sharpton.

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