1. “Gosh, where DID I leave my self respect?”

  2. Cock Dr

    Don’t care for the new short haircut but she does look very fit and trim. Stay healthy Pam!

  3. Holy shit, she has clothes, and appropriate clothes and she looks, dare I say, classy.

  4. fred

    “Oh my God. Is my vagina hanging below my dress line? How did my life come to this?”

  5. Jenn

    Is she gonna be a Scientologist? Because only something like Alien abduction could explain her dressing age appropriately.

  6. Primitivefix06

    “I took my Valtrex today, right.?”

  7. Andie

    I love her new hair and I think she looks great here. Good for her! We don’t stay 25 forever, right?

  8. This is the best she’s looked in a long time, and she’s rocking the Mia Farrow.

    Jesus, I just gayed all over that.

  9. I think she looks great with short hair..

  10. Looking pretty goddamn cute and age-appropriate and classy and healthy and sexy and about a dozen other positive things.
    I’m impressed.

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