1. Dammit! Did I do that out loud?

  2. Cock Dr

    This new pope does have a knack for marketing Jesus…but I ain’t buying.

    • He’s definitely the coolest and most tolerant Pope they’ve had in a long time, but yeah, that doesn’t change the fact that all religion is bullshit.

  3. JimBB

    The annual ceremonial “Molesting of the Child.” Is it November already?

  4. Dimwitted ex governor

    Ya know, some of the things he said sounded kinda liberal.

  5. “Bless you my son. Come back in about 6 years and I’ll touch you in many ways.”

  6. ah stem cells…right from the source.

  7. “That’s-a nice-a stroller you have there, kiddo. It’d be a shame if a-something were to happen to it. Capisci?”

  8. fred

    “Mmmmmm. Nope. This one’s not ripe yet. Throw him back and bring me another.”

  9. bitchy

    Is this Is like at Thanksgiving when a turkey get pardoned by the President?

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